Hendrik Brockmeyer

Hendrik Brockmeyer successfully completed his diploma in Business Administration - Energy Economics and Finance in 2012. He started his professional career at EWE Trading as an energy trader. Today he is Managing Director of be.storaged GmbH.






Warum hast du dich für den Masterstudiengang Betriebswirtschaftslehre – Energiewirtschaft und Finanzwirtschaft am Standort Essen entschieden?

During my VWL Bachelor studies at the University of Münster, I recognized my interest in energy issues at an early stage. In a very abstract subject like VWL, the energy industry is something very tangible, but at the same time it is still not very much examined from an economist's point of view. That was the reason for me to switch to business administration with a Master's degree in Essen. I have never regretted this step in the direction of significantly more practical application, even though it was not quite easy to turn my back on a student city like Münster.


Inwieweit unterstützen dich dein Wissen und deine Kompetenzen aus dem Studium in deinem heutigen Berufsalltag?

Among us alumni, we are still amazed at how much of the theory we encounter again and again in our daily work. At least if, like me, you have remained true to the subject. With an abstract theoretical knowledge, one's viewpoint on many procedures and processes changes.


Wie schätzt du die Praxisrelevanz des Studiengangs ein?

Very high! Especially for my career entry in energy trading I was able to put much of what I had learned from the events of Prof. Weber and Prof. Kiesel into practical application again and again to develop new ideas based on this.


An welche Aspekte des Studiums erinnerst du dich besonders?

The close proximity to the professors and chair staff, the job as HiWi as well as the great study trips and excursions with the chair of Prof. Weber.
On the other hand, it was sometimes strange how many "home sleepers" there were at the university.


Was sollten Studienanfänger/innen auf jeden Fall in Essen und Umgebung unternehmen?

Use the offers of the Ruhr area! Unfortunately I neglected that too much.


Würdest du den Studiengang noch einmal studieren?

Yes, absolutely!